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Category Product Description & Uses
Laminating Adhesive TL 4421    Low modulus, two component adhesive. Superior flexibility, high bond strength & durability, low energy cure. Color stable. Oil, water & solvent resistant. MVTR 838 (gm/ m2 upright cup). SDS     TDS
Moisture Cure 1766 Saturant Polyurethane moisture cure resin designed to saturate sailcloth. Produces a superbly durable, clear, non-yellowing finish on many substrates. Excellent weather and hydrolysis resistance. SDS     TDS
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive PSA 2-25-3 Two component. Excellent shear & peel strengths at low temperatures. Superior adhesion to pre-corona treated polypropylene and polyethylene backings. Low temperature performance, removable. 180 peel to stainless steel 70 oz. (60 sec. bond) SDS     TDS
Textile Mil-Spec Coatings 47-267A Basecoat  
Two component compound designed for MIL-PRF-43906 and MIL-PRF-43473 specs. Durable finish with good adhesion. Washable, soft hand, excellent hydrolytic stability. SDS     TDS
Textile Mil-Spec Coatings 47-268 Topcoat
Two component compound designed for MIL-PRF-43906 and MIL-PRF-43473 specs. Washable, very soft hand, high solids, rapid processing, excellent hydrolytic stability. Durable highly adherent finish. Use with 47-267A Basecoat. SDS     TDS
Thermoplastic Resin QS 9282 Fully reacted, supplied in toluene/ IPA. Thermoplastic, elastomeric, abrasion resistant glossy film. Solvent resistant. Good value/ cost ratio. Tensile strength 3800 psi, elongation@ break 680+120%, modulus@ 100% 300 psi. SDS     TDS